Our Services

At Neea Stodios, we offer all the services you need to grow your business online. Our services are tailored to each client’s needs and we take the time to get to know you and your brand before planning, executing, and evaluating our services. Our team of experts works across teams to ensure that we keep the bigger picture in mind and each of our services can be booked independently or combined as needed.

Web design is one of our key areas of expertise. Our design team has a knack for creating bold and cutting-edge visuals that make your website unique and ensure it works across all screens, from desktop to mobile phones. Working with your stakeholders, we create intuitive frameworks that call website visitors to action.

Our web development team is not afraid to look under the hood of your website to make it faster, more secure, and resilient.

For e-learning projects, our experts offer end-to-end website development, including landing pages, subscription models, and hosting. We can deliver e-learning modules in more than 30 languages and create custom e-learning modules using a variety of platforms and technologies.

We also offer search engine optimization (SEO) services to help you get found online by optimizing your website for Google and other search engines in all major languages.

Content translation is another key service we offer, allowing you to expand your business around the world and reach new customers abroad with tailored translated websites, product descriptions, and marketing materials.

In addition to these services, we also offer content writing as a comprehensive web development agency, creating websites, portals, and applications that turn your business into a brand.

Web Development​

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Web Design

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Content Translation

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Content Writing​

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Project Timeline

Every project is unique, with milestones set by the requirements regarding design, functionality and complexity. If the requirements are fairly straightforward, the design and development process may take between 2-4 weeks.

However more complex project that requires extensive client feedback and back-and-forth communication may run even for several months. Understanding the timeline from start to launch is crucial before you sign up for a project.

  • Initial Meeting & Website Questionnaire

    Vital step in order to understand client's requirements and vision for the project

  • Research & Planning

    Comprehensive research, web references in term of styling, wireframing and initial mock up of the project

  • Design

    Designer creates visual representation of the project based on client's requirements

  • Design Review & Approval

    Client reviews the design, provides feedback or requests changes. Designer amends design until client's approval

  • Content & SEO

    Client provides content for the project that might include, keywords (essential for SEO purposes), blog, images, team introductions etc.

  • Development

    Once the design is approved and all content is ready to be placed, the actual project is being build

  • Testing, Review and Approval

    Testing on various browsers and screen sizes, de-bugging, ensure proper functioning as per the client's specification

  • The Launch

    Launch of the project for the viewing public

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